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(pronounced new)

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nue vodka 40% ALC/VOL (80 Proof) nue naturals vodka 35% ALC/VOL (70 Proof)

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America's nue vodka

nue (pronounced new) vodka is an award-winning Texas vodka distilled seven-times for a clean, premium taste. There are so many ways you can enjoy something nue – straight up, on the rocks, or mixed into an awesome cocktail. (Check out our nue cocktails section for recipe inspiration.)

Naturally better

Every bottle of nue vodka is made from the highest quality corn and purified water. nue naturals citrus vodka and nue naturals cucumber vodka contain no artificial flavors or coloring.

7X Distilled

We distill every batch of our naturally gluten-free nue vodka seven times, for a clean, premium-quality taste.

Purified Water

nue vodka is distilled with water purified by reverse-osmosis. Water that’s free from mineral content and impurities, delivering a pure taste and clean finish.

100% American made

We are proud that our award-winning nue vodka is 100% made and owned in America. Distilled, crafted and bottled right in the heart of Dallas, Texas - so go on and raise a glass to America’s nue vodka.

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